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In 1998, the Mobile PHC was brought back from near death by it’s new President. Soon after, the long dead Biloxi PHC was revived, and a few months later the Montgomery PHC was founded. Being all within close proximity and age, there naturally were new bonds and friendships formed. In the time to follow, these 3 clubs would begin to work (and play) closely together. Drawing on each others experiences and mistakes, they began to grow in popularity and membership.

Charlotte Skinner joined the Mobile, AL Parrothead club. When the club president stepped down, Charlotte was more than happy to step up and formed the Coastal Alabama PHC.

45 minutes west of Mobile in Biloxi, Ms. a club was formed in 1995, but met an early demised due to lack of interest. In 1998, John Thornton, Larry McNeese, Dave Luley and Sean Eifert got together and started the Towns around Biloxi Parrothead Club, which quickly developed a reputation as one the most fun groups of people around.

2 hours north of Mobile, in Montgomery, Al, Vince Allison, a long time member from the early days of the Atlanta Parrothead club had just returned home after living in Atlanta for 3 years followed by 2 years in South Florida. Desperate to find more like minded parrotheads, he began the IsleO’Bama Parrothead Club.

In April 1999, the 3 clubs were enjoying yet another party day at LuLu’s on Weeks Bay. The Founders/Presidents of the 3 clubs were at the bar doing tequila shooters (imagine that) when the subject of a regional Phlocking came up. All being MOTM veterans, they agreed that there needed to be an annual phlocking in the immediate area. There was already an annual parrothead party that was hosted by a local Mobile hockey team, but nothing much bigger than that. So, the gears started turning in their heads, smoke started seeping from their ears and after a few more shots they formed a game plan to take the existing party and use it as the foundation to start from. At that point the idea became a dream and within months they began organizing and developing the foundation for the event. After working out the details, the idea was suggested that the 3 clubs of the prospective Presidents be brought in as the host, the club members accepted with excitement and the dream became a reality.

The very first “STARS fell on Alabama” in 1999 was held in historic down town Mobile. Over 150 parrotheads attended Hockey games, a parrothead parade on ice, conga line parties, balcony contest, parking lot parties, a bus trip to LuLu’s and enjoyed great entertainment from 2 well known parrothead bands. The first annual “STARS fell on Alabama” was a weekend event that raised a total of $3000.00 for the Local Alzheimer’s Foundation.

Now, after years of growing, refining, and improving with things such as a max registration cap. to keep the atmosphere less hectic, moving to a location on the beach in Orange beach, Al, and 3 days filled with wonderful entertainment, STARS has developed a life of it’s on. Annually, “STARS Fell on Alabama” draws parrotheads from all over the country, it meets its registration cap in a matter of months, fills 3 days with non-stop parrothead fun and raises a min of $10,000.00 for local charaties. The “STARS” founders with the help of the 3 host clubs (now 4) have worked hard to successfully put together what is proving to be one of the most talked about parrothead events. “STARS” takes pride in the fact that even though they keep it’s size down, it continues to grow in popularity.



(left to right: John Thornton, Vince Allison, Charlotte Skinner)


The 15th Annual Stars Fell On Alabama Phlocking

 Raised $12,000.00 For Local Charities


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